Q-Marine Appointed NZ distributer for Revolution Power Australia Lithium Ion (LiFePo4) Deep Cycle Batteries


Q-Marine Power and Propulsion are the exclusive NZ distributer of Revolution Power Australia Lithium LiFePo4 Deep Cycle Batteries

Revolution Power Lithium LiFePo4 have been proven in the Australian outback and beyond, by 4WDs, caravans and motorhomes and for long haul trucking, marine and off grid solutions for over 6 years.  Reliability and high quality also see’s Revolution Power Lithium Ion Batteries being used by emergency and rapid response services.Â

Offered in 12V/60Ah, 100Ah, 160Ah and 24V/200Ah and 48V/100Ah, Revolution Power Lithium Ion Batteries offer some significant advantages others cannot equal:

Built in BMS (Battery Management System) -  Revolution Power’s internal battery management system is designed to equalise and balance the cells.  It will also turn the battery off if the voltage is too low or too high or if it short circuits.Â

Usable power – when talking about Amp Hours, Revolution Power talk usable amp hours. A 100Ah Revolution Power Lithium Deep Cycle Battery means 100 usable amp hours vs. only 50% usable with Lead and AGM batteries and typically only 80% usable from other Lithium brands.Â

Quick recharge – Revolution Power Lithium Ion Batteries offer very fast recharge.  With correct charge profile a 100Ah Revolution Power Lithium will fully charge from flat to full in 2 hours using a 40amp charger.

Less weight – lighter than even other Lithium Ion.  The 12V 100Ah Revolution Power Lithium Battery weighs just 11.9kg  vs. 32kg or more for an AGM 100Ah battery.

Constant voltage – Equipment and electronics will run more efficiently, as the voltage sits at 13.4v for 80% of the discharge cycle.  Traditional batteries voltage drops rapidly with high draw.

Longer cycle life – 5000 cycle @ 50% discharge vs. 80 – 500 depending on quality of an AGM.

Waterproof – Revolution Power’s 12V Lithium Battery range are all IP rated.  That means they are sealed in a polycarbonate case that is water proof.Â

Lithium Ion is the now standard in energy storage. Revolution Power Australia have delivered a solution that is second to none.  Q-Marine can also offer charging and monitoring solutions.  To learn more about Revolution Power Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Batteries, contact Q-Marine Power and Propulsion on 09 441 7347, email lithium@q-marine.co.nz or visit www.revolutionpower.nz

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