Quickutter Rope Cutter

The revolutionary QuicKutter™ rope cutter system eliminates rope and line problems. The Quickutter has no moving parts to wear out, and is easy to install.


Cuts rope, line and twisted steel line.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Series 16 for shaft sizes 1″- 2″,
  • Series 25 for Shaft sizes 2″- 4″
  • Series 30 for Shaft sizes 4″- 6″

How QuicKutter™ Works?

The Quickwater spool is fixed to the propeller between the propeller and bearing carrier to prevent the rope or line from wrapping around the shaft. It provides a surface for the rope or line to wrap around to enable the quicKutter™ blades to continually cut the coils of rope or line as they form and are pressed against the quicKutter™ blades.