Python Drive

Python Drive

Push Your Boat – Not Your Engine!

The Python-Drive allows the propulsion system to push your boat, not your engine. This separates the propeller noise and vibrations from the engine. This decreases overall vibration and noise to deliver a smoother ride and longer equipment life whilst eliminating the need for perfect shaft alignment. Python-Drive Systems are available for engines from 10 to over 1000 hp.

Advantages of Python-Drive:Python-P501-Q

    • The propulsion system pushes the boat, and not the engine.
    • Maintaining perfect alignment of the gearbox to the propeller shaft is no longer necessary
    • Even with unequal angles the Constant-Velocity drive shaft guarantees a constant speed of the propeller shaft and reduces wear of other parts of the drive line
    • Large bearings and maintenance free thrust assembly
    • Strong Constant-Velocity drive shaft for long life even with high performance engines and heavy gearbox operation
    • Internal taper clamp shaft connection makes fitting the shaft to the thrust bearing a simple task
    • Thrust bearings and CV shafts can be used as stand alone units to fit your application



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