Maritex Bearings

MARITEX – For Marine or Pump Applications

Maritex Aquarius bearing material is purpose made for seawater and uniquely designed for the dual purposes of water lubricated hydro-dynamic high speed rotating shafts as well as completely selflubricating slow speed applications such as rudder and ride control bearings. Intended for ambient marine operating temperatures the material has outstanding dimensional stability for both wet & dry operating conditions.

Silty water

When operating for extended periods in silty water, customers with vessels operating in both temperate and tropical waters have reported that Maritex Aquarius propeller shaft bearings perform extremely well. In fact the performance of Maritex Aquarius bearings operating in silty water is well beyond their expectations.

Dry running

In addition to being developed specifically for long term immersion in seawater, Aquarius bearing material is outstanding in dry conditions. It is a hard wearing, low friction, tough bearing material made from high strength thermoset resin reinforced with synthetic fibres.


Aquarius exhibits extremely low water swell, excellent lubricity, compressive strength and toughness.
Its low odour, dimensional stability together with low/negligible dust makes for easy and cost effective machining.

Health & Safety Material is free of asbestos, silica, glass, carbon or cotton fibre.


Health & Safety

Material is free of asbestos, silica, glass, carbon or cotton fibre.

Properties Identifying colour: Yellow ~ brown.
Maximum cont. temp. dry condition: 150⁰С. Resistance to various solvents: Fresh water, seawater, natural and synthetic engine oils. Mechanical: Min. compressive strength at failure: 120MPa Min. tensile strength at failure: 32 MPa Hardness: 79 Shore ‘D’ scale. Impact strength minimum Charpy: 2.8 Coefficient thermal expansion: 0.000079 mm/mm/⁰C. Coefficient friction @ 15 ~ 20 MPa: 0.1 Water absorption: < 0.05%