Python Mega-Flex

Python Mega-Flex

Maximise Vibration Reduction!

The Python-Megaflex consists of a standard Python-Drive system and features an incorporated Vulkan Megiflex highly flexible shaft coupling with integrated bearings. Complete units for prop shaft installations from 60Nm to 2,800 Nm are available.


  • More silent than any comparable gearbox to prop shaft coupling.
  • Python-Mega-on-gearbox-300x152Smoother engagement of gearbox.
  • Absorption of driveline vibrations by the Vulkan Megiflex coupling.
  • Preventing high frequency vibrations from causing wear or damage to the prop shaft installation.
  • Allows for even softer flexible engine mounts.
  • Length compensation by the CV drive shaft, so no thrust loads on the Megiflex coupling.
  • Ease of installation; the unit comes in three main components: thrust block, CV drive shaft and fully assembled Vulkan Megiflex unit with premounted gearbox adaptor flange.
  • Saving installation time; because the system contains a drive shaft with two CV joints (unlike other systems), it ‘hinges’ on these two CV joints, which makes installing the unit a piece of cake!
  • All installation materials like bolts, nuts, washers and gearbox adaptor flange included.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Available in any Python-Drive combination up to 2,800 Nm torque, even with larger length CV drive shafts

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