Q-Marine announces Next Generation Q-SPD Drive Systems

Published on February 21, 2019

This is a complete redesign of the original Q-SPD Systems incorporating the same successful construct as the original SD series plus many refinements in function, form and performance. Q-SPD Surface Drives are the most effective surface drive option on the market, negating the issues that come with trimmable surface drives, the simplicity of the fixed drive has so many advantages: Not having to worry about getting the trim right, over loading the engine, or having hydraulics and more components where the chances of something going wrong are greater.

The result of this redesign is a fully integrated propulsion solution designed for maximum longevity, that requires the least possible maintenance. Q-SPD’s construction is largely composite, the main housings is moulded from e-glass and carbon-fibre then reinforced in an epoxy matrix, using resin infusion manufacturing techniques, so they are exceptionally lightweight. More than 50% lighter than other brands giving benefits and offer the ability to create more complex and versatile solutions for the customer. The integrated system also now offers a premium Steering package by Hypro Marine on all systems and have custom exhausts options available.

Q-SPD Surface Drives are transom mounted letting you utilise valuable aft real-estate while all housing of vital mechanics and components are inboard away from the harsh marine environment, giving easy accessibility for the minimal routine maintenance and service needs.
Installation is easy with a bolt-in system – length of solution installed is shorter then any other, allowing more waterline, and in-turn more buoyancy. Twin rudder design is standard for more effective and responsive manoeuvrability and propeller protection.

“We are finding that Q-SPD is what the commercial and work boat vessels are choosing to use purely for the reliably and longevity of the Q-SPD System. Q-SPD has proven to endure thousands of hours without significant servicing requirements giving the end user added benefits.” says Leigh Michau, Managing Director Q-Marine International Ltd.

Manufactured using latest technologies in composites and marine friendly materials means they are very light weight and strong, giving a wide range of power for recreational and commercial applications.
The QSD New Generation Series is suited to vessels typically from 8 meters with power options from 180hp to 3600hp, or vessels up to 100 tonnes or more for more information visit www.q-spd.com or email Leigh Michau leigh@q-spd.com

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