Q-SPD - More than a Surface Drive

Q-SPD Surface Drives

Q-SPD Surface Drives designed and manufactured by Q-Marine, established 2001.

Q-SPD Surface Drives are reliable high performance propulsion solutions that are user friendly and simple to install and maintain. Q-SPD offers complete usability right through the speed range, not just at high speed and there is no need for complicated operations such as trimming the propeller to enable startup and reverse. Q-SPD just does it, with swift acceleration, effortless cruise speeds and no undue stress on engines, boat or crew. The boat will track accurately and steering is responsive and precise. The advanced dynamic design of Q-SPD’s main housing assures unequaled reverse performance whilst providing the perfect propeller ventilation mix at all times. Q-SPD is predictably agile at low speed whilst offering increased efficiencies and fuel savings with higher cruise and sprint speeds.

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