Bruntons Autoprop

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Bruntons Autoprop is the only propeller that is both automatic feathering and automatic self pitching.  Autoprop continually pitches itself to match the vessels speed and the engine power being delivered to it.  This results in the most optimum and most efficient pitch at all times, thus the most efficient propeller at all times.  There is no other propeller on the market that is this clever.  The real advantages are so many:

When motoring:

Autoprop continually and automatically optimises it’s pitch to deliver best thrust at all revs based sea conditions, load and speed.  Thus always absorbing engine power most efficiently so operating at its most economical and effective.

When sailing:

Autoprop reduces drag by up to 85% compared with a three blade fixed propeller, so optimum performance is also gained under sail.

When motor-sailing:

Autoprop automatically pitches up to compensate for the thrust generated by the sails, thus the engine revs for a given boat speed is reduced.  This means increased speed at less revs. So less fuel and quieter operation.

When reversing:

Autoprops’ blades rotate 180 dregrees and use the pressure face in reverse as well as forward.  Thus 100% thrust is available in reverse.

When manoeuvring:

For the same reason Autoprop is so brilliant in reverse, it is extremely effective and predictable, with same thrust ability in both forward and reverse, and minimal prop walk.

When stopping:

Autoprop gives you the same thurst in reverse as forward, so stopping power is second to none.

There is lots more to be discovered on about this great propeller, which offers two and three blade versions plus versions suitable for sail drives, in sizes suitable for up to 350hp.

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