Work Boats

Work Boats

Q-Marines’ products and solutions are also very much suited to work boat applications.  When reliability and longevity are of critical importance Q-Marine can be relied on to make sure product ratings are more than adequate for the purpose they are being implemented. We can offer everything needed from complete new drive lines to drive line repairs, upgrades and replacement.  We will work directly with your engineers or we can offer our own trusted professionals to provide an end to end solution to your needs.

With particular experience designing, building and supplying modern propulsion systems for high performance craft boats all over the world, Q-Marine has the experience and know-how to offer the most effective solution for any application.

With a focus on best efficiency and reliability, Q-Marines product range offers performance, reliability and economy for all work boat application. Patrol Boats, Fishing Boats, Ferries and Transporters, Tourism and Adventures, we can help with all.

Q-Marine offers particular experience and expertise in the following.

Noise and Vibration Control

Driveline Innovation, Design and Build


Surface Drives

Conventional Propulsion


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