Power Boats

Power Boats

Q-Marine are specialists in Power Boat Propulsion and Performance, offering a wide range of solutions to suit all application types, from conventional drive lines to water-jets to surface drives. We do it all.

We are innovators and manufacturers of modern propulsion systems, supplying to power boat designers and builders all over the world.  We have the know-how to offer the best possible solution for any application.  If some thing different than the norm is needed, we will find it, or we will design it.  With a focus on best efficiency and performance, Q-Marine’s product range and innovative ability offers performance and reliability to every application.

Q-Marine offer solutions for : 

• Drive Train Alignment Solutions
• Vibration Control
• Trim and Ride Control
• Innovation and Manufacture
• Waterjet Propulsion
• Surface Drives
• Conventional Propulsion Systems
• Specialised Propellers and Thrusters

Q-SPD – “More than a Surface Drive”

Q-Marine’s own propulsion system, the innovative Q-SPD offers advanced high performance propulsion for virtually any application.  Q-SPD uses advanced surface piercing propellers to acheive incredible speeds and efficiencies whilst also offering many attributes not otherwise associated with surface drive systems.  Q-SPD’s innovative design elements set a new standard.  Manufactured in light weight composites Q-SPD is very much “MORE THAN A SURFACE DRIVE”.
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